The Woods ★★★

Chicken Boy and friends did a good job with this, but I did have some gripes with The Woods. The writing was a little weird, where some things just did not seem natural. The story felt a little rushed, especially near the end. The editing was kind of sloppy, more specifically the parts dealing with sound. It was tiresome, frequently, having to raise and lower the volume because it was either too loud or too quiet to hear. Also, the acting from certain cast members was kind of bland. Honestly, it was shocking to see them not utilize Famous Actor James Allen McCune, but it was a bold choice not to use him, and I respect that creative choice. Besides those gripes, there were a number of unexpected things, which I really liked in The Woods. The cinematography was great, as was the lighting. I was not expecting to hear a score, so that was a nice treat too. The Special Effects were incredibly well done. Also, hearing about the limited time, Sugar Pine 7 had to film this, is an impressive accomplishment within itself. Even ignoring the fact, it is their first short film, it is still a remarkable feat. Hopefully, with their next short, they can spend more time with it to raise the bar even higher, making something even better than this. But whether they do this or not, as long as it remains as entertaining as The Woods, I still look forward to seeing what the Sugar Pine 7 boys create next.

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