Frances Ha ★★★★½

"I'm so embarrassed. I'm not a real person yet."

The amount of times I found this film relating to my own life is staggering. Frances Ha perfectly captures the time in your life where you realise you have to grow up and "become a real person". As we follow Frances Halladay through her life, moving from one friend's apartment to the next, we watch her struggle to become the person she must become to allow herself to grow, but at the same time attempting to remain true to herself.

It is a story that at times meanders a little too much from its purpose, but wherever it wanders off to, it is guaranteed to deliver laughter, awkwardness and serious realism. Frances herself is as real as they come; a character that actually has real faults and real imperfections, and the performance from the hypnotic Greta Gerwig allows Frances to become a fully rounded person, one that you find yourself really rooting for not in spite of these faults, but because of them. Gerwig's uncompromising optimism and unflinching joy for life charms the audience from the get go, and this quirky charisma keeps the story afloat as it begins to veer off course from time to time.

Frances Ha is the definition of a feel good film. Greta Gerwig delivers one of the best and most real performances of the year, the whole film is just a joy to watch. Frances Ha made me think about my own life and made me understand that it's okay if everything isn't all together in your twenties, life is just beginning. Frances Ha made me optimistic for the future, whatever the hell is going to happen. Frances Ha makes me want to dance down the street to Modern Love and be happy.

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