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  • Mandy



    "The psychotic drowns...where the mystic swims...You're drowning,not swimming"

    I was not a particular fan of Panos Cosmatos first film Beyond the Black Rainbow , but everything I heard and saw about this got me quite exited,and I like Nic Cage so I decided to give it a go anyways.

    What I found is a terrific dream-like tale of revenge. Cosmatos previous picture was an attempt to grasp his atmospheric vision into paper thin narrative, resulting into a poor and at…

  • Good-for-Nothing



    Yoshida's first film.I was going to bring up Godard...I see a lot of resemblances in style with his most famous film "Breathless" but someone in the reviews pointed out the most interesting thing about this situation...both films came in the same year.

    Yoshida's directing became more experimental by the years and evolved to what's so called as the "Japanese new wave" which is where he made most of what I considered his best work (Eros+Massacre and A Story written with…

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  • Woodshock



    [2017: Ranked]
    Tossing around beautiful shots is pretty lame (for not saying retard) if you don't give it a real meaning to it. It's like the director just wanted to prove different things and pretend to the audience to understand it or say "oh yaaas bruh, that's something deep". The movie is supposed to touch such themes as depression, moving-on after the lost and the heavy weight of guilt, but it's never really explored or well-addressed. The thing that most…

  • Trumpet Fight

    Trumpet Fight

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