The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ★★★★★

If it's one thing Fincher knows how to do in regards to cinematography, it's EVERYTHING! Seriously, he can cap any genre and make a model for what most envious directors wish they could hit the realm of. Immediately from the opening of the movie, one can tell that the Dragon Tattoo series gets a major overhaul into the direction of getting the *Professional* touch it so deserves. Acting was brilliant. Directing was magnificent. Sound was by Trent Reznor. I don't think much more needs to be said about this. If you're a long time fan or a brand new-comer to the series, this Christmas 2011 reboot has the exact recipe to get you hooked. Fincher is already scheduled to make 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea next, which might put him at a clash for directing the second and third movies. Let's hope that is not the case and Sony will agree to hold off and wait for him. We can't rush perfection.

Production Budget: $90,000,000