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  • Lady Bird
  • The Fly
  • Society
  • The Man Who Fell to Earth

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  • The Peasants

  • The Eternal Daughter


  • Dream Scenario


  • The Moor


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  • The Moor

    The Moor


    Strong contender for scariest film of the year, from it's chillingly ordinary opening to its relentlessly eerie atmosphere and images out of nightmares - dripping maps, things emerging from the dirt, a growing number of sheep imposingly staring at unwanted visitors. Impeccable sound design and gorgeous cinematography, a gem and hopefully more to come from this creative team.

  • Red Rooms

    Red Rooms


    Never been so horrified by an outfit reveal.

Popular reviews

  • TÁR



    It's like watching a black hole, inevitably and devastatingly dragging everything into its orbit only to destroy it utterly and leave itself with nothing.

    I think that means I liked it, but thought it ended anticlimacticly, deliberately, so is that really a complaint?

    Man, Lydia would hate me.

  • Enys Men

    Enys Men


    This has lingered, her "transformation" to stone has haunted my mind. It crept under my skin without me noticing while also clearly noticing how it built up a repetitive routine doomed to be broken. It's a strange experience seeing exactly what a film is trying to do to you and still falling for it utterly. That's real horror, when knowing what scares you isn't enough to stop it happening.