Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★½

I’m sorry. I’m sorry I championed this for so many years. I’m sorry I tweeted constantly about the “looney tunes basketball movie” and how I think it’s a “cinematic masterpiece.” It isn’t and while I like it and think it’s concept is enough to justify its existence, this is a fucking mistake. Idk what I wanted them to do but…….. not this????

Some stuff where they get the looney tunes type humor works and then you have granny saying “can’t I check my Twitter?” And I want to die!  Daffy Duck is always funny.

If any if you use this to justify your rick & Morty hate, I’ll beat your fucking ass. Very good funny show, very bad fans. I’m sorry they’re in this 

Fuck you for making them CGI. At least they in universe are mad about it

Not to “defend Disney” but any of you who were insulted by the princess scene in Wreck It Ralph 2 ain’t seen nothing 

Lebron u have the smartest son in the world yet you want him to basketball :(

So fucking dumb of them to make the last 50 mins have background Gags so I didn’t pay attention to the basketball game 

I hate that this is flaunting IP but no sopranos :(

Wow I can’t wait to rewatch this in 3 years and see them change all these great properties on HBO Max. 🙂

I’d like to thank Amy Schumer & Judd Apatow for making this possible

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