Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

The idea that people hated this movie because it wasn’t the twin peaks they wanted is fucking laughable. “OH GORSH I SURE DO LOVE COFFEE AND PIE” sorry you didn’t get that in this movie that’s about a girl who gets raped by her fucking father. Or like how Laura has a funko pop that’s her DEAD BODY WRAPPED IN PLASTIC, WHAT THE FUCK.

One of the worst takes I’ve ever seen is that this is essential viewing “if you want to see Laura Palmer get killed” and yes, it provides information that we already know from dialogue on the show, but does that really matter? We’re seeing it through the lens of the victim and that’s interesting as hell, bro.

Sheryl Lee, you deserved an Oscar for this. Truly one of the most heartbreaking performances I’ve ever seen. I hope David paid for your therapy.

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