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  • Only You

    Only You


    At some point - because it is the way of the digital world - somebody on this planet will undergo the happy accident of sitting down before the 2019 release "Only You" in the mistaken belief they'd treated themselves to the 1994 romcom of the same name, a film perhaps best remembered nowadays, in our Marvel-dominated moment, for pairing Tony Stark with Peter Parker's Aunt May. What, provided they stick with it, will this befuddled punter get out of the…

  • Our Time

    Our Time


    There is so much of what Nicholas Parsons would deem deviation in "Our Time" - the highlights of a timpani concerto, shots taken from inside the bonnet of a moving car and on the wing of a landing plane, lessons in the finer points of ranch management - that it quickly starts to seem a ruse, an acknowledgement that what's going on at the heart of the picture really isn't all that major: a not untypically squalid breach of trust…

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  • Article 15

    Article 15


    As close as any mainstream Hindi release has come to matching that 21st century Korean masterpiece "Memories of Murder"... Every narrative idea – even a literally throwaway aside involving dog treats – ties up and pays off, and Singh thinks in big, resonant images: an undrainable swamp, a political rally that erupts in flames. One extended close-up on the titular article, bedrock of India’s civil rights legislation, suggests this filmmaker knows where real-world attention must be paid, but Singh also…

  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11


    The first film of 2019 - the first film for a long time - to equip everyone who steps into the auditorium with a fresh pair of eyes... Time and again, the film amazes us with some display of precision, whether in Miller's approach - painstakingly matching comms feed to images, so the technicians can talk anew - or in the astronauts' own trajectory: witness the lunar module's descent onto the Moon - the most heartstopping setpiece of summer 2019,…