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  • It



    Muddled. Underdeveloped. Not scary. Like, at all. Wishes it was Nightmare on Elm Street, and isn’t. 

    Back to the book.

  • Trouble Every Day

    Trouble Every Day


    Slow and oblique doesn’t always create genius.

    There are effective moments here – almost all of them Dalle’s, who is easily the most powerful presence – but the plodding whole doesn’t hang together.

    Gallo (like the film itself) seems to be trying hard to be mysterious and deep, but comes off as silly and annoying. Why his lively and beautiful new wife allows him to spend most of his honeymoon AWOL, and the rest moping gloomily about, is a mystery…

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  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    Oh for Christ’s sake, Ridley. 

    It’s a monster movie. Stop taking it all so fucking seriously. (Or do that a whole lot better.) You have incredible production design, a budget of squillions, a very able cast and a monster so genuinely iconic it still has the potential to shock. And apart from a jump or two, I spent this movie more or less blandly engaged, and never once properly tense or excited. Because you’ve decided it's all about god, or…

  • Rumble Fish

    Rumble Fish


    Has to have five stars for sheer nerve.