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  • Rampage



    This movie is so much fun and I just love the giant creature design. The Rock is always great but yea, how did this movie not conclude with a 150foot Rock giving a big monster the people's elbow.

  • Prometheus



    Whadda ya know? I like this movie now. Maybe all it took was some distance and approaching it from a different angle but I see this movie in a new light.

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  • Vampire's Kiss

    Vampire's Kiss



  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    So when is the Qi'ra:Crimson Dawn A Star Wars Story movie getting the green light?
    I liked the focus on the criminal underworld. No Jedi, no problem. Actual swashbuckling happens often here and im delighted. Some of this is beautiful and other parts totally whack. I liked the new peeps but its all worth it just for Lando. It's not as smooth as I would like but the rough edges give it charm, much like Han himself.