Five Came Back ★★★★

I only heard about this adaption recently (within the last 2 weeks), but given Five Came Back is amongst my favorite novels I was going to watch it as soon as it dropped.

I'm happy to say that the film largely does the book justice in an abridged sense. Of course you can't expect an exact adaptation from a book of this ilk. Harris voice is largely supplemented with an array if famous directors like Spielberg and Del Toro as well as narrator Meryl Streep.

I'd still say read the book if you can since it's wonderfully in depth, but the series is nice in the sense that it can show you a lot of the clips you would have to imagine or look up if you were just reading the text. It's nice that this differentiated itself enough in that regard to stand as it's own experience.

Something all film history fans should watch and or read asap.