Six Days Seven Nights

Six Days Seven Nights ★★★½

Six Days Seven Nights (1998) 

In this romantic comedy, a pilot and fashion editor must survive and find a way off an island after their plane crashed in a storm.

Typical stranded fair mixed with the opposites attract plot line. Even with the simplistic story, it was very entertaining from the wisecracks, from the grouchy pilot Quinn to the emotionally turbulent Frank, Robin’s fiancée. The obstacles Quinn and Robin face seemed challenging, as they must overcome the environment to villainous pirates. It had its romcom staples, which I enjoyed.

Harrison Ford is fun here, as he rarely plays in the romantic comedy genre all too often. Anne Heche is also good as the New Yorker who must adapt to the curveballs that get thrown her way. David Schwimmer never fails to keep me entertained, as his character’s cries for forgiveness were hilarious. 

This was a fun movie set in the beautiful island landscapes, and with a great duo to adventure with.