Paterson ★★★★½

Jim Jarmusch director, storyteller, auteur. But how would I know? 

Plot follows Paterson, bus driver New Jersey, Paterson. Wakes up every day and checks the time.  I'm desperately trying to make this rhyme. But, he prefers poems that don't, instead focusing on the deeper meaning. Wife Laura, doesn't know. Flip flopping, different each day. Baker, artist, country singer. Encourages Paterson to take his poems to the xerox, spoiler alert he does not. Mundane life, drives to and from. Comes home, eats a pie, goes to the bar and makes sure nobody dies. Recurring themes, there is, Everything from matches to twins. Each day new people, from kids to anarchists. It's not his business, but makes it his. Provides Inspiration for poems like this. Is it repetitive, sure it is, But dammit I loved it. The titular Paterson is quiet and an introvert, focuses on the deeper meaning. Are you okay? Well now that you mention it no. The film made me cry, but not of sadness. It's poetic beauty, and it blew me away. While not perfect it is still worth it. Trying to rhyme is harder then it seems. And poetry even harder. 

Adam Driver, Bus Driver. Best performance? Yeah I think so. Suck it Kylo and Lev, Paterson beats both. Quiet yet meaningful, he has a lot of depth. Golshifteh Farahani, free spirit is she. Charismatic and interesting, never a dull moment with her. The kids from Moonrise Kingdom are in this, playing anarchists. In the former they both kiss, nice to see them together. 

What can be said about Jarmusch, a master at his craft. Granted this is the only film I've seen, but after this I'm very keen. It's a mundane and bleak film, with sweeping cinematography. What rhymes with cinematography? I have no damn clue. The film will make you feel very blue. 

Music is very minimal, much like Paterson himself. Could've played a larger role, but it's nice anyways. 

Paterson is a poetic journey, will make you think. Unique and different, I like that. 

"Sometimes an empty page presents many possibilities"

Me trying to make this a poem was sososososososososososososoososososo cringey...

I'm so sorry lol

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