Raw ★★★★½

Well that was.......a movie........A DAMN GREAT ONE!

Every minute of this film was filled with suspense. Each moment you're wondering what the fuck is going to happen next. 

In short, the film is about a girl who has been vegan all her life, but suddenly has a craving for meat.....sometimes human. 

The film is bloody, disgusting and oh so satisfying. The film goes out of its way to be taboo and shock you, but it never feels like it's overdoing it. The script allows for all of this nasty shit to take place, but it gives it a purpose. 

The film asks a lot of questions, and waits until the end to answer them. Sure the answer is a bit vague, but it mostly covers why all of this cannibalistic shit is occurring. My only problem is that the ending does feel a bit abrupt, and leaves a lot for the viewer to question. Maybe that's what the director, Julia Ducournau, wanted but I'm really not sure. 

The tone of this film also is incredible. At its core, it's a horror film. However, there are some more lighthearted moments, but those don't overshadow the more intense parts. It's not 100% horror but not 100% lighthearted. It's a good mix of the two, making the film consistently interesting. It never feels like the film is trying or going out of its way to be over the top. 

Garance Marillier gives her A game in this film with a performance that is animalistic and surprisingly emotional at times. She really goes apeshit a few times in this film, and when she does it's so satisfying yet kinda disturbing to watch. She deserves some major awards for this role, because it was so damn good. Same could be said for Ella Rumpf as her sister, Alexia. The two of them share a scene towards the end that is just so primal in nature, and so entertaining to watch. They really committed themselves to these characters, and it shows in their performances. 

I also have to commend the use of music in this film. The score by Jim Williams conveys every emotion and strikes fear into the viewers. It's used really well in the more intense scenes when something eerie is happening. In no way does it sound like a generic horror film score. It takes risks and sounds unique, something not a lot of film scores do these days. 

Raw is a blast of a film. From its interesting characters to downright disgusting scenes, this is surely a film that's not for the faint of heart. It's definitely one of the biggest surprises of the year in my opinion, and in feel that everyone should have a chance to see this great film. Also, go in on an empty stomach...

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