Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★


This film, like most things made by David Lynch, is a lot to take in. It's just so full of subliminal messages and themes that one viewing doesn't do it justice. Taking it at surface value, however, it's a pretty damn good film. I felt that it had some flaws in the story, but overall it was good.

The film is a prequel to the original TV show, following Laura Palmer in the days leading up to her murder. It shows her interactions with people like James Hurley and Bobby Briggs, her troubled relationship with her family, and her paranoia caused by the supernatural BOB. The film also shows a separate detective story, following Sam Stanley and Chester Desmond. However, I felt like this plot line with the detectives took away from the flow of the film, ultimately feeling disjointed and out of place. The film contains a lot of subtext, which I'm sure that further rewatches will clarify. The story at face value is good, developing the character of Laura Palmer more than the show really did. Again, this is a David Lynch movie so it's hard to really interpret it without multiple viewings, but ultimately I enjoyed what I got out of the story.

Sheryl Lee really gets a chance to shine as Laura Palmer. I felt that she gave a great performance, and shined in every scene she was in. She portrayed emotion really well, making her performance feel raw in a way. Same could be said about Ray Wise as Leland Palmer. He gives a great performance as well, portraying this man who is mentally disturbed.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this film was the score by Angelo Badalamenti. It's very much like his score for the TV show, but some tracks are expanded upon. It's very melodic and kinda jazz influenced, giving it kinda an old school vibe. Also I nearly died when I heard Laura Palmer's theme, it's just so good.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is definitely a film that I have to watch again, but taken at surface value, it's far from a bad film. However it is best gone into having seen the original TV series, which will definitely help to clarify many of the plot elements.

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