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  • Alex's War


  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1


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  • Over the Edge

    Over the Edge


    “Your age is the hardest age
    Everything drags and drags”
    -The Replacements

    While maybe not reaching the same emotional depth as The Last Picture Show’s bleak small town slow collapse or hitting the Gen X zeitgeist as well as Fast Times At Ridgmont High or Pump Up The Volume. Over The Edge is one of the rawest portrayals of suburban teenager alienation and lacks any of the sentimentality of some the other “prestige coming of age films”. Some might say…

  • RRR



    God recognizes God. 

    A film that encompasses all aspects of the term epic, from action sequences to a sweeping story to a giant fuck you to the British Empire. While there’s no denying this film is propaganda (Literally a guy saves himself from being burned by wrapping himself in the flag), but it’s the best propaganda film of the year (Sorry Top Gun: Maverick). Also there’s no denying this film has a greater grasp of film grammar than 99% of…

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  • Alex's War

    Alex's War


    Given the title was hoping for something that showed the battles of censorship, government investigations & general backlash over the years for his work. Instead we got Alex Jones 101 but for over 2 hrs (No real deep dive into his career or life, just the highlight reel & interviews with his employees).I guess the climax of the doc is the in the crowd Jan 6 footage but it’s so selectively edited to rehabilitate Jones’ image it’s hard to take anything from it.

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1


    After watching Bullet Train I felt compelled to rewatch this because of how much it takes from it. Watching it this time it made me realize how badly fight scenes have gotten the last decade of American films. The ones in this film are so thrilling and obviously the work of somebody who loves them deeply. While I especially don’t think Tarantino is a genius, the climatic fight in this film is the best argument he could. I don’t know…

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  • El Angel

    El Angel


    TIFF 2018 #20

    It’s like if Xavier Dolan made a 70’s gangster film but was Latinx ...and talented.

  • Madame Satã

    Madame Satã


    Karim Aïnouz really deserves more respect. Between this & Invisible Life, it’s clear he’s got a great eye for beautiful gritty films. Not to mention although both films are tragedies in ways, he at no point wants to make misery porn (Thank god!).