Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

The Tarantino schtick had worn out it’s welcome in the last few films for me so I greatly appreciated something that felt a bit fresher (The scene at the ranch where it borders on a thriller is what he should be striving for more). This film feels closest to Jackie Brown in terms of people going through existential crises when they realize they’re past their time. Ironically it’s usually at this point of one’s career that you’d make a film like Jackie Brown, not while you’re one of the hottest filmmakers in the industry. Having finally reached that point in his life maybe that’s what caused him to go back to those themes, the melancholy definitely hangs heavy over this film (Though still very funny throughout too). 

Leo brought his A-game and was able to reach a level of intensity that you wouldn’t normally see for a ridiculous character like this. Having said that it’s Brad Pitt’s dark emptiness that really stands out in this film for me. He’s equal parts sad and warm, loyal but unpredictable. Sadly Margot Robbie isn’t given the same room to fully explore Sharon Tate, which is a shame because she really tapped into the right energy for the role.

I won’t give away the ending, however I can’t help but wonder why he thought that was the best way to go. It feels childish, pointless, but most of all it just not satisfying, so why bother doing THAT? Was he trying to make a new version of 1970’s Joe for Trump voters???

Far from one of his bests but it was great to see him finally tackle the period he’s flirted with so much throughout his career. The production design (The full period streets were amazing), the soundtrack and the way he captures the industry at the time was great. Though maybe going full out on the feet shots felt like he’s just fucking with us at this point (Either that or his fetish has reached new heights of desire)

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