Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★

"I made you."
"Yeah...big mistake."

The Resident Evil series is one of the most unique action blockbuster franchises in existence. Each and every film has its own distinct style and set-up and while they're not all winners, they continue a fascinating and substantial narrative. The series peaked with its fifth entry, Retribution, an exhilarating deconstruction of reality with crisp clear photography and fluid action set pieces. So now we're finally here, The Final Chapter in this vulgar auteurist franchise from Paul W.S. Anderson...and it's mostly everything you could want out of it.

The Final Chapter has a distinctly different aesthetic from that of Retribution. Instead of having a swift clean style, every frame here feels gritty, dirty and full of dread with a very rapid fast-cut style of editing putting each set piece to a level of abstraction and total stimulation. As is customary with this franchise, the set pieces are nothing short of awe-inspiring with one key chase sequences that had my heart racing out of my chest and my eyeballs exploding behind the IMAX 3D glasses. As far as being a "Final Chapter" goes, this film succeeds quite well at bringing Alice's arc full circle and tying it up in a nice knot clearing up a lot of the very expansive lore from the past three films with a mostly satisfying ending (at least up until the last 20 seconds which I won't spoil but trust me, I'm definitely a little pissed about it). There's a remarkable amount of tension and excitement in just about every frame of this film. I also must point out how seamless the VFX in this film are, it's easily the most polished of the series.

The Final Chapter is one of the finest entries in the RE franchise. In IMAX 3D, this is a fist-clenching, exhilarating, bare knuckles, non-stop 107-minute wild ride that had me knocked back in my seat and never let up. Not at the level of its predecessor but I have absolutely no doubt that all of you die hard fans here on LB will walk away 110% satisfied. It's the first truly exceptional theater experience of 2017.

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