Rocketman ★★★★

Can't believe we got a Ken Russell film in the year of our lord 2019!
Rocketman is without a doubt the best music biopic since I'm Not There. Loved seeing how playful, expressive and audacious Fletcher got with this film. He's not afraid to get real weird and really really fucking dark. The fantastical elements and the musical numbers have an insane irresistible energy to them and Egerton's performance is one on a caliber that I didn't think would be possible for him. The renditions of the songs are surprisingly fresh and never not totally satisfying. Seeing this in Widescreen Atmos was one of the most emotionally enthralling experiences of the year thus far.

Seeing Elton John's name under EP before I actually saw the film kinda concerned me but thankfully, this isn't hero worship. Fletcher makes this a messy and harsh odyssey for self-worth that at times can be suffocating but is ultimately totally rewarding. Like The Bitch himself, Rocketman is bombastic, campy, sometimes baffling but unmistakably human through and through.

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