Tenet ★★★★½


”It doesn’t have an answer. It’s a paradox.”

This film, along with its protagonist, is an absolutely majestic force of nature. From the very get go it moves and not once does it ever stop moving which understandably some will find very tiresome, I found it stupidly enthralling. It’s like Cold War-era Bond thrown in a blender with “Blackhat” and “Deja Vu.” This is Nolan at simultaneously his most elemental and his most new wave and without question his most frenetic AND kinetic work. It’s a shock to the brain and the system and it wholly reaffirms Nolan as a visual artist and none of this would even remotely work if it wasn’t for the way that Jennifer Lame expertly cuts this thing together. I don’t see her getting a lot of shout-outs but I genuinely believe this thing lives and dies by her ability.

This is much more of a spiritual successor to “Interstellar” than it is to “Inception” exposing yet again Nolan’s softer sides in the home stretch and contemplating heavily on the nature of human abilities in crisis and in the grander scheme of the space-time continuum. There’s some pretty bold statements on threats from the past never ever going away but merely evolving behind the shadows that I actually found pretty harrowing.

Nevertheless though, this thing is silly and it knows it’s fairly silly but isn’t going to let that get in the way of presenting it as the biggest motion picture ever (and in all fairness it gets close to at least being in that running). Nolan is being pretty playful here and I’m genuinely stunned that that is being recognized a bit more. This is without a doubt, some of his finest and most accomplished work.

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