The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★½

Genuinely very impressed by this film.
I like the first Strangers though it tends to drag more than thrill, I still appreciate it's minimalist realism in approaching the home invasion genre. Here, Johannes Roberts throws that way out the fucking window and stirs up a future-cult-classic slasher filled with striking imagery, a great synthpop soundtrack, and some surprisingly compelling characters.

Roberts walks a good line between full 80's camp and an emotionally involving thriller. The film never ceases to be fun throughout but there's never any joy or glory in the death of the characters. The strife developed between the lead characters in the first act only adds to the ensuing horror. The form here is a little wonky, the over-usage of zooms became tiring, but it's incredibly well lit and the sound design is to die for (the pool scene is exceptional). Roberts also throws in some good visual homages to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Friday the 13th films.

If this actually came out in the 80's, I could easily see this being a well-loved cult-classic that gets a great Shout Factory Blu-ray. Some really good refreshingly involved genre popcorn fare.

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