Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier ★★★★

Fully calls to mind the amazing political and morally questionable auteur-driven action blockbusters from the New Hollywood "Return of Myths" era. The first half is a pretty procedural jungle heist action flick that works because of the talent behind and in front of the camera. The whole cast is given great complex characters to work with (Oscar Isaac plays masculine desperation better than most and Ben Affleck's natural depression and high-key scuminess fucking works wonders).

Chandor keeps things slick and simple and visually stunning. Flawless usage of the ARRI 65mm camera/lenses. It really lets the scope breath and the 2.11:1 ratio was really interesting to see on a big screen. Great mixture of Disasterpeace's score and an amazing assortment of needle drops that outstandingly suit the characters.

The second half is where things get really engaging and affecting. Chandor hammers home the psychological horror and ethical facets of our characters actions as they battle the logistics and natural punishments of the situation they've gotten themselves in. It poses a lot of hefty issues and questions in a rather objective manner and leaves it up to us, and that to me makes it more enthralling.

So certifiably my shit, it isn't even funny. It's a little bit discount Michael Mann but even discount Mann is better than full-price other filmmakers. Well worth the 45 min trip for me to see this on a big screen, it's stunning to see and the sound design is immaculate. Look forward to watching this again once it hits Netflix. Works perfectly as a high-brow more self-aware Michael Bay action film and a portrait of the intersection between greed and pure desperation.

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