Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★★½

"This is the New Testament!
It took a while but....we finally got a straight-up M A S T E R P I E C E in 2018!

Bottom-to-top, wall-to-wall, front-to-back a representation of what I actively seek out from cinema in any given year and Brady Corbet is definitely not the person I expected it to come from. Nevertheless, this is the man who has concocted one of the most uncompromisingly visceral and exhilarating films I've ever seen. A divine roller coaster of explosive sight and sound encapsulating the stark cynical connectivity that lies between all aspects of modern culture brought to terrifying life by a stomach-churning sense of pure millennial anxiety.

Vox Lux also stand as a spectacle unlike just about anything else I've ever seen. A sublime combination of ambitious arresting cinematography, a dazzling operatic score, and genuine real-world melodramatic heft. One thing I couldn't shake while watching the film was how much it reminded me of Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. in its themes. Both films deal with how our pasts are what give us a purpose in life and as history continues to repeat itself, it exposes our own evolution (or lack thereof).

One cannot simply write or talk about this film without bringing up Natalie Portman's career-best work in the back half of the film. Much like everything about this film, it's dark, singular, transfixing, and brilliant in so many ways that combines the personalities of Kanye and Madonna.

Everything about this film is love it or hate it and the festival reactions are strong indicator of that and when this thing opens in December it will most likely not be a hit. But luckily, it was basically tailor made for my pretentious taste. Indulgent in all the ways in needs to be. Unbelievably large in scale and as a result of that, quite messy as well. But the messiness is all just contributing to what makes it more unmistakably cinematic, humane, and impassioned. If society is still somehow around in 100 years, Vox Lux is a film that will proudly be reflected as defining portrait of the tragedy and beauty of our times. I lost my mind in the theater and am still actively searching for it.

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