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  • In Like Flynn

    In Like Flynn


    If you enjoy action films I highly recommend you watch In like Flynn. There’s a ton of it in the movie as it is based on Hollywood legend Errol Flynn’s life before he became a big actor. Flynn and his crew sailed up the east coast of Australia looking for treasure so, of course, a lot of trouble meets them along the way. It was a great film and I’d suggest it to anyone who enjoys autobiographical movies.

  • Stockholm



    If you love suspenseful thrillers, especially about bank robberies, you need to watch Stockholm. It’s based on the real-live event of the Nourmalmstorg Robbery that happened in 1973 Sweden. I especially loved how eccentric the main character, who is played by Ethan Hawke, is. His acting had no ceiling as he truly went above and beyond taking this role; really showcasing his Academy Award nominee talent. Anyone who is a huge Ethan Hawke fan needs to watch this!

  • Soul to Keep

    Soul to Keep


    If you enjoy horror films I suggest you go watch “Soul to Keep,” especially if you’re into horror films with a demonic presence as the main focus. The film is about a group of friends who go to a house owned by one of their deceased grandfathers. The house is in the middle of nowhere with no service or wi-fi, which only calls for trouble. In a turn of events, a demon named Beelzebub starts possessing the friends one by…

  • Life and Nothing More

    Life and Nothing More


    Life and Nothing More is a wonderfully crafted film that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s a moving movie about a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man. The plot is basically about a single mother who has to work two jobs to support her two children. Her oldest child, Andrew tends to get himself in a lot of trouble so she tries to keep him away for crime causing a hostile environment in the home. It’s an authentic raw movie…