Nostalgia ★★★

It's been half a year since I watched NOSTALGIA (1983), but fittingly it's also just about the time you need to decipher just one frame of Andrei Tarkovsky's film, where he travels to Italy and gets philosophocal about life in true Tarkovsky fashion. Even by the Russian master's standards NOSTALGIA is incredibly complex and works on allegorical, symbolic and many others levels. Just as his THE MIRROR, this film makes use of autobiographical content, but Tarkovsky keeps you at distance with his illusive writing. I'm not rating it low because it's bad or I didn't understand it - I didn't as a cohesive piece, but neither do I think you ever will when it comes to Tarkovsky. I just need another half year, and then a lifetime more to decipher his beautiful brain.

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