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  • Dead Man

    Dead Man

    First time I saw Dead Man was when my favourite bar used to project movies (not entirely legally at this point) at the wall between the windows (that they barred for that purpose) of their main room (so everyone practically had to watch it) every moday night.

    None of us had seen anything like it and it introduced me to several things at once.

    It made me like Johnny Depp more than ever (who I was very lukewarm for up…

  • Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder

    How is that for a fun movie?

    The less about this, the better. This story is so dark and mysterious and can get easily confusing at times, but the resolution makes you go: "ooh nooo!" and if you are anything like me, that might be up your alley.

    Also this movie has been very influential on several levels for video games and other movies. That rapid head bobbing effect is still used in horror movies and TV shows to this…

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  • Time Masters

    Time Masters

    I go way back with this movie.

    The story of an orphaned child who waits to be rescued by the crew of a spaceship carrying, refugees, smugglers and mind reading gnomes but is also so much more has captivated me for most of my life.

    The atmosphere on the desolate planet, the troubles the crew of the spaceship gets in, the faceless angels, the hornets, the gnomes and the tragic demise of that weird hippo creature. Everything completly unforgettable!