I’m a rotten tomatoes certified critic with bad taste // Listing my top 4 of 2020 for my favourite films

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  • Uncle Frank

    Uncle Frank


    Writer-director Alan Ball’s Uncle Frank is a roller coaster of emotion. A film that hits hard as it tells the story of a closeted gay man in the ‘70s – one that could still be told today. The man is Frank (Paul Bettany), and the film feels like a love letter from his niece, Beth (Sophia Lillis). This family drama with all the bigotted Southern charm begins as most of them do: at a family gathering. Beth and Frank spend…

  • Two of Us

    Two of Us


    Two of Us is about two people who are very much in love. Madeleine (Martine Chevallier) and Nina (Barbara Sukowa) are middle-aged lesbians, but the age thing rarely phases them. They still dream, they still desire. Through their relationship, director Filippo Meneghetti and co-writer Malysone Bovorasmy explore the intersection between expectation and self. Both characters are from a generation that despised anything that went against heteronormativity. They lived in that kind of world for so long that coming out of…

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  • Cats


    “Cats are not dogs” clearly since all dogs go to heaven and this is definitely hell

  • Host



    These bitches out there getting attacked by a demon and at the same time they’re taking the pandemic more seriously than most people I know