Knives Out ★★★★

The Thrombey house is a symbol for the rich, white and privileged America, but through Marta (Ana de Armas), Knives Out’s story puts the politics of immigration under a magnifying glass. Rian Johnson touches on the opposing sides of the immigration discourse; the liberal and conservative views about whether or not we should build a wall, or if putting children in cages is deserved or immoral.

The most conservative members of the family, like Don Johnson’s Richard for example, say that Marta is like part of the family, but will hand her their plate like a servant anyway. The Thrombeys open their home to her and say they appreciate how she took care of their father, but like most Americans, once she’s seen as a threat, they revolt, saying she’s stealing what’s rightfully theirs (whatever Americans believe that is). Despite being hardworking and honest people, immigrant stories always go the same way. They are treated as lesser because they’re not “real” Americans. But as the writer-director shows through his writing of Marta, America is their house, too.  


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