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2017 Queer Films Challenge.

Week 2: A film in which a queer person won an Oscar for (in any category).

Why did it take me so long to watch smol gay Jodie Foster!!!

I told my mom I was watching this and she said, "That's a disgusting movie." And yes, for 1990s standards, I'm sure it was. But now when we have tv shows like Criminal Minds it's nothing new.

Speaking of Criminal Minds they have had several episodes involving some psycho killer removing skin from his victims. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but was any one of them transsexual? No, which brings me to my point: This film could have been done without a transsexual antagonist.

Yeah I get it, it was the 90s and no one thought of those things back then. But just the fact that this film is SO iconic and involves a psychotic killer who is portrayed as transsexual really bothers me. Coming to terms with your sexuality is so difficult (speaking from experience), but especially more so when it involves gender. Imagine a teen's realization that they're transsexual and go and Google trans characters in film and Buffalo Bill shows up.

It is addressed that Bill may just have some sort of identity disorder, but still, the portrayal of him ultimately demonizes and delegitimizes transgender individuals. It takes away the empowerment of the scene of Bill in front of the mirror, and turns it into something perverted.

All the transgender issues that have arose recently have made me sensitive to the issue, so rating this movie has been difficult for me.

But I told myself to look at it in a non-subjective way, and keeping in mind the year it was made, I do see it as a perfect piece of cinema. Ultimately flawless. It deserves all the acclaim it has received.

Anthony Hopkins blew my MIND. His performance was hair-raising.

But who really stole the show for me was Jodie Foster. She is amazing as Clarice. A truly iconic female character. She fuels my dream of becoming a detective. She's so inspirational and empowering for women.

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