Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★½


What a movie. Definitely one of my personal faves of the year. 'Kong: Skull Island' is just a thrilling ride from start to finish with an awesome post credits scene.

Right from the opening sequence, the direction of the movie is set in a unique, way one that is distinctly to 'Godzilla' but at the same time acts as evolution of the world established in 2014.

The work done with Kong as a character is spectacular with the scale of Kong really evident early on. Also the mo-cap work done is brilliant, with the emotions of Kong, especially his vulnerability in this world evident on a fair few occasions. But at the same time this is a character I believe can truly go toe to toe with Kong, which in itself promises to be a fantastic spectacle.

The visuals are of the highest standard, with the opening scene setting the high bar which is maintained throughout. Through the trailers it was clear Vogt Roberts' film was inspired by 'Apocalypse Now' but despite the clear inspiration that movie manages to be unique, and the jungles of Skull Island are vastly different, yet just as thrilling as the jungles of Vietnam in 'Apocalypse Now'. By the end of the year Larry Fong *should* be considered for best cinematography.

Kong: Skull Island manages to have a bright colour palette, especially compared with Jackson's Kong movie, but the darkness and terror of the island remains the same, with the Skullcrawlers in particular disturbing.

Despite the criticisms of the script, the only fault is the slow pace in the 2nd act, but this was deliberate as the audience goes on a period of discovery with the characters. The characters for the most part I felt were done well, and were they all exciting characters? No. But I don't think they were meant to be. We know what characters we are supposed to like and the ones that were created to be hated. As far as John C Reilly goes the comedic aspects worked for the most part, and I really connected with his characters. Despite what has been said there are character arcs in this movie

Kong: Skull Island is a perfect addition to the budding "MonsterVerse" and I am excited to see Godzilla KOM, and Godzilla Vs Kong in the coming years, and maybe some monsters we haven't seen before(?). As far as Vogt-Roberts goes some of the shots he chooses especially on the arrival to the Island, and the action with Kong are superb, with the said action some of the best in recent memory. With Vogt Roberts I am left with a feeling of excitement for his future projects and who knows maybe he will return to this cinematic universe.

Kong is a movie I plan to rewatch and can see myself having just as much fun with it, so sit back and enjoy the ride.