Halloween ★★★★★

Gone from 4.5 to 5.

Halloween is the movie I think about when I'm home alone or I'm out in the dark. It's the movie that comes to mind when I think of the scariest movies.

And all of this is due to how masterfully crafted it is and how geniusly directed it is by John Carpenter. 

The scariest thing in the movie is the excellent framing used around Michael Myers. For the vast majority of the movie it's shot from his neck down or so far away that you can't really make out the mask. This makes the reveal of the emotionless mask so terrifying. It's also used to create a lot of tension and fear in the viewer because you have no idea what's attached to this body and the unknown is the scariest thing ever.

Carpenter often framed the shot with a character in the front and Michael Myers behind, often out of focus and I think they're the most effective shots in the movie because it's a scare that renders the audience and character powerless and the dramatic irony gives us a foresight into what's to come and makes us terrified for the character and in many ways ourselves.

It's an expertly made movie. My only flaws is that one of the actresses is a bit weak and the music can be a little overused but for the most part Halloween is a deserved masterpiece that truly redefined and inspired the horror genre.