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  • The Black Cat

    The Black Cat



    This feels like a Holocaust conspiracy movie almost. But it’s still creepy and Dracula and Frankenstein finally work together on a movie. So exciting and thrilling I shall say!!!!

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man



    This movie was quite interesting and bizarre. Having an invisible man kill hundreds and even injure thousands of people is interesting. I like the idea of a scientist who is struggling in his life and career and wanted to take advantage of people so he could make his life easier and get his way. I thought this would be the hardest monster to capture up to date in terms of watching the Universal horror movies in chronological order since…

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  • Secret of the Blue Room

    Secret of the Blue Room



    For a Universal horror movie, it’s just pretty average. Everything in the film is competent and the concept is a nice touch to make a horror murder mystery movie. But it’s just pretty middle ground for me. But I can say the actors did their thing and it’s still interesting to watch since the mystery of it gave me some sort of anxiety. I would return to it but it’s stuck in my mind at this point so… only if it was storming and a tornado was coming than I would watch it again to pass an hour by.

  • The Mummy

    The Mummy



    This shit sucked mad dick to be honest. Like honestly out of all the classic 8 Universal horror films, this was the hardest one to watch by far. I was struggling to get through it, it was very boring and all over the place. Karloff did a decent job at the mummy but I wish he was all bandaged up like he was in the tomb. It almost feels psychological how non-chronological this film is. In all honesty, the plot was derivative because I’m not a fan of romantic movies. Romantic music is dope but not movies. Wasn’t a fan sorry.