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  • Miracle



    In a vast array of our humanity, religion has become more than just a faith. Believing is something higher than yourself is good but sometimes a delusion makes it over what it is supposed to be.

    Himala projects the perfect mirror in what religious institutions have become. It plays to the spirituality of every human being, considering every little aspect.

    Elsa lives in a village where they believe their misfortunes on a curse. One day while an eclipse is set…

  • Clueless



    Cher is attractive, popular and extremely wealthy, she has a best friend Dionne who is of same class. Cher's father is a $500-an-hour litigator. From the start of this movie I thought it is going to be that typical Hollywood extravaganza with these girls being mean, snotty and mostly about sex.

    But when you get the hang of it slowly it is really more beautiful. It is like don't judge the book by its cover. After getting a C grade…

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  • Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures


    - You know why it took so long for NASA to send someone into space?
    - Because doing the calculations for the landing and launching were done by men.
    - Before Katherine Goble Johnson arrived there was only one woman working in that room
    - Also, fuck Jim Parsons and his character.
    - America really has problem with people other than white. I mean seriously different bathrooms, buildings, spaces...even schools! I mean what kind of white ass fuckery is that?…

  • Silence



    Waves crashing to the bodies of faith, flickering to the only hope they have. A belief that is more inherited between them. Freedom of religion is a pillar in the democracy, choosing self's belief and religion is an individuals right...But do we really choose ourselves?

    We are watching people hanged on the cross, stripped and poured hot water over their body, dripping slowly, every inch touched and tortured...Just so they can denounce Christianity.

    Ferreira's young pupils, Fathers Sebastião Rodrigues and…