Ain't Them Bodies Saints ★★★★

Ruth is walking angrily away, she is upset with Bob who said that he wants to strike out on his own. Bob reassures her and then reconcile and Ruth reveals that she is pregnant.

The next day we see Ruth, Bob and Freddy commit a crime and run away from police, they get stuck in a house surrounded by Police. Freddy gets killed, Ruth shots a police officer and Bob takes the fall.

Now after more than 4 years, we see Ruth and Sylvie her daughter living in a quite surrounding. Ruth reads her stories, sings lullaby and play. Their days go by. While, Bob escapes from prison in the desperation of meeting Sylvie and re uniting with Ruth.

Written and Directed by David Lowery Ain't Them Bodies Saints is a story that holds a power love that wants to reunite. It slowly peals off every structure. We see Ruth still wanting to re unite with Bob, her longing for him. Bob and his desperation just to see Sylvie, the story he told just before the crime, him growing old, a house, his daughter walking in and him saying 'We are very happy to see you.'

The movie has quite an influence from Malick's earlier works like Badlands and Days of Heaven. Bradford Young's beautiful cinematography visualizes every frame with a presence felt. I even saw a similarity in his frames when a character is walking alone, he tends to symmetry with the sun.

Rooney Mara as Ruth shines in every frame she is in. Her scenes with Sylvie are bright while her scenes with Bob are a mixture of dark and light. Rooney perfectly captures Ruth's pain and the guilt which she hangs on. Her scenes with Ben Foster who plays Patrick who was shot by Ruth are the ones you can see her guilt trying to wear on her.

Casey Affleck as Bob dives into his role, he is a fall guy and a man trying to re unite with his family. You kind of sympathize with Bob at times, but there are mistakes in his chase that still haunt him at points. Casey has that kind of body language that this character needs.

Ain't them Bodies Saints is kind of a journey of these characters who are still running from their demons and trying to reunite. It has that feeling of the outlaws and Bonnie and Clyde. It already has Rooney Mara and Bradford Young's cinematography and this was just everything I needed.