Begin Again

Begin Again ★★★★★

With Keira Knightley's beautiful angelic voice breathing through every step, Begin Again brings in a beautiful ballad of two souls broken trying to find themselves in the city of New York. Creating music to its beautiful self.

I stumbled upon this movie accidentally when it was released with Andy Summers review making me curious about this, I went in blindly without knowing what it was. As the movie ended I had a big smile on the face with purchasing the album on iTunes as soon as I reached home, I listened to every song back to back especially the songs which were sung by Keira. And I watched it twice on the big screen.

I never remember lyrics of songs but I remember every word of Lost Stars, Coming up Roses and Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home.

Begin Again is about Gretta and Dan. Dan has been struggling to bring in artists that spoke to him who are really good and that he can work with and create something. He looks like an homeless person, drunk most of the time. Visits his daughter once every month since he got separated from his wife. One day he meets Gretta singing in a bar who herself has broke up with her boyfriend of five years.

With no money, no studio or anything. Dan and Gretta go on a beautiful journey with Steve, Rachel, Dave and Malcolm along the streets of New York the ambient sound consisting of traffic, birds and people. Creating an album with heart and beauty that marks something for everyone. It brings the gist to Begin Again.

One of the most beautiful scenes of the movie is when Dan and Gretta put on the songs from their playlist's with headphones on and roam the city. With Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder playing what else do you really need, you just feel the beat of the song and the lyrics that flow from the vocals of the artist who is singing.

Keira Knightley as Gretta is just amazing. Her voice is so beautiful, she should release an album if she can in the future. She handles her character with such grace and passion that you are with her all the time. I love the scene where Dan yells at Gretta about how his life and marriage fell apart and he starts to walk away and Gretta just runs and hugs him. Even the scene with Saul in the meeting where she asks why is his recording label is getting 9 out 10 dollars was epic.

Mark Ruffalo as Dan gets into his character with washed up no nonsense kind of vibe. He is great in the dramatic scene where he pulls in everything that his character needs.

Adam Levine, Catherine Keener, Hailee Steinfeld, James Corden and Mos Def provide a strong support.

Begin Again is a movie that has made into my unconditional love list. It is just so pure and beautiful trying to find the lost stars with the broken hearts and struggle.

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