Certified Copy

Certified Copy ★★★★

The title of the movie itself discloses the movie in a very wonderful way.
Movie contains a natural simplicity to the story and the characters that you see yourselves walking with them.
Juliette Binoche is just terrific. This woman can do anything you can throw at her and she does so gracefully that you just mesmerize it. The director has shown us the titles meaning through a trip between Elle and James Miller, who visit a little village and in that village they start a certified copy of a marriage and start a story developing between it. The director has got some amazing frames like, when both the characters are in the car driving the camera never goes inside the car, it is outside the car capturing the characters conversation with taking both of their expressions. Then the first restaurant scene we see how both the characters start their conversation and relate to it.
In this movie there are so many simple things but they are so intriguing that you just want to capture the moment.
And Juliette is speaking Italian, French and English so fluently and how beautiful she was looking in this movie. WOW.
The director kept a realistic approach towards characters when they were in the village that you see that they really are married.
Truly a Certified Copy.

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