Chernobyl ★★★★★

A long goodnight was woken by a big explosion, smoke started to spread rapidly...Nobody knew what was happening, nor the people inside neither outside. From afar it looked harmless but in matter of hours...minutes and seconds everything was going to change...

There is a term I have heard, Step 1 : The Boss is always right. (If not then) Step 2 : Follow Step 1. This is what going inside Chernobyl Nuclear PowerPlant. Obedient soldiers following order, if questioned, they are threatened, everything was going wrong but the arrogance of one man and lies of the state created chain of events that resulted into the most disastrous nuclear power plant accident in history, both in terms of cost and casualties.

Chernobyl is an exceptional written and directed series with equally great performances all around. It just send a chill around your whole body, when you finish episode after another you just can't move. It is addictive and you want to know what happened next. What happened to the RBMK reactor? Why did it explode when everyone is saying it just can't.

There is lot of anger to throw around people, especially towards Anatoly Dyatlov. The pride, the ego, the cowardice to admit the failure and the threats... it is not just Dyatlov, it is going all around. In the last episode you see all that happened on the day and before that. The burden of lies, don't matter of many...still go dust when the truth comes to light and the truth comes when it is time for that debt of lies is to be paid with interest.

There is one thing you can still look and say and applaud is for the brave people who worked tirelessly to avoid anymore disaster. It took courage going in that zone, knowing the time of your death. Valery Legasov, Boris Shcherbina and Ulana Khomyuk (on the people her character is based on) you have to give them their due, they stood up when it was needed, the saw, the took decisions, the found what happened exactly and saved more lives for the future.

Hildur Guðnadóttir's score just blends in with each frame and it just so haunting to hear with each scenario presented. I don't know how much we can account for the truth but we can see what happens when you do things blindly. Blindly following anything is never good. The world pushes back when you don't follow blindly, especially people in power. We never really know the whole truth but we can see it and hopefully we learn from it.

Chernobyl is something that must be watched by everyone. It is just simply put EXCEPTIONAL!!!! BRAVO!!!!

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