Court ★★★½

Winner of National Award for Best Film of the Year.

I was really excited to see Court. As it has won the National Award (which is equivalent to the Oscars) you tend to go with an expectations.

When the movie ended I started to analyze the movie. First I started with the story. Well, the story told was pure, simple and real. And this is a rare thing in India to show.

The film examines the Indian legal system through the trial of an aging folk singer in a lower court in Mumbai.

One of the most thing that shocked me was how the Court hearings were Silent... and this is the more rare thing in India.Silence....
Every proceeding is done withing the law, nobody argues more or less. Everything is examined. Also why the cases are going on and on and on for so many years. Lack of evidence, or presenting prepared witness.

There are many things brought up to light here. The story is beautifully told and it never misplaces itself.

Well, as much as I loved the story, I was flown away but its direction. When I was watching each and every frame used in this film or even the movie ended, I just saw Michael Haneke. I saw his movie Cache. The silent ambiance, the close ups during conversations, placing camera at an angle where the scene will go on the camera won't move. I never saw Chaitanya Tamhane's direction in the movie.

Why this movie is powerful, it is because of the screenplay and I applaud Chaitanya for writing such a great film, I was so glad because in our film club we always talk about the script and the screenplay and we have never mentioned and Indian Film in it and after watching Court I can proudly mention it.

The movie is intelligent with an powerful script.

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