Death Proof

Death Proof ★★★★★

You know the feeling when you are watching a movie on the big screen with a big crowd and a tub of buttery popcorn with you and as soon as the movie starts you just become one with the movie, getting the feeling that you are the only one in the theater watching this and enjoying with every single bite of that popcorn you just pop in and without your knowledge the tub of popcorn is finished and you just place it aside without blinking or shying away from the screen and when the final act hits you are biting your nails ... Death Proof just brought me that feeling watching it on my laptop screen wishing I was in the theaters watching it on the big screen.

Bringing in the scratched retro look, focusing on the feet from the first frame, with a killer soundtrack playing. Death Proof singles out the meaning of a stunt car and the possession it takes with a man trying to out his own obsession of staged murders of girls.

On a bright sunny day, cheering with every passing billboard of "Jungle" Julia Lucai with her friends Arlene and Shanna stop at a bar waiting for their friends to arrive. With rain pouring down in the twilight Stuntman Mike stops in trailing the girls as he enjoys his nachos and lemon water. With a lap dance already requested and the night going down to the party, the girls get smashed by the Death Proof car.

Directed by Quentin Tarantino, he brings in homage to the muscle car films which were high in the 70's, mentioning Vanishing Point every now and then as the movie shifts its gear in its second act. Changing the lanes and power from Stuntman Mike, giving him the dose of his medicine while Abernathy, Kim and Zoë tapping that!

Building upto the situation with characters deeply involved in their conversations, Tarantino steps it up while pushing some boundaries getting the feeling of the chase the feels real rather than the CGI creation we watch nowadays which Stuntman Mike tells. Exciting as it is, with the first crash you have your knees above your seat with your silent screams boiling inside.

With an satisfying final chase and the punches and the final kick in the face, Death Proof becomes an originality in its own world paying its respects to some movies that have inspired it.

I love how Zoë, Abbie and Kim were pulling Lee's leg every once in a while with Mary Elizabeth Winstead playing Lee with such cuteness while Rosario Dawson , Zoë Bell and Tracie Thoms bringing in their badass selfs with strong characters. Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike McKay brings his aura of the bad character intuiting his own creation of getting off.

Death Proof is entertaining, exciting, scary and a car chase that makes you want to cheer your guts out and repeat the dialogues. I love how Tarantino has executed this one which looks like hos own world of simple creation and homage.

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