Drive ★★★★★

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Everytime I come back to Drive, I am more in love with the movie that last time I watched it. Now with new score and soundtrack, Drive becomes a different beast altogether. Still remembering by heart the tick of clock, Nightcall, Under your Spell and A Real Hero, it is quite a different feeling to shed this score out of your head and listen to this new one.

The sudden silence of the road in between, the violence slowly unleashing himself, and the beast falling in love with the beauty. My favourite part of the movie has always been Driver's interaction with Irene and Benicio. Their story is the soul of the movie which diverts Driver into a mode of protection and love that when the spell is starts to break, his will starts to unleash something that he has hidden for a long time now.

After the greatest kissing scene, we see the Driver smashing a man's face which Irene witnesses as she slowly gets off the elevator, she stands there watching the man she loves so dearly becoming something else but she doesn't run and as for Driver, he knows he can't go back to her.

In all its beauty, the time spent with someone you love is always worth fighting for.

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