Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

So, finally here I am saying that I have finally found a film from Wes Anderson's filmography that I love very very much.

Story of a Fox and his wife Mrs.Fox who steal birds from the local farmers, but when Mrs. Fox finds out she is pregnant she asks Mr.Fox to promise that he will stop stealing and live a normal life. But the thirst of that old adventures never seem to have left Mr.Fox, so with the help of Kylie Opossum and Kristofferson his nephew he starts to steal from the local rich farmers Bean's, Boggis and Bunce. But as the farmers find out about this they make a pledge to hunt and kill Mr.Fox and his whole family.

From the start till the end this movie is roller coaster of fun. Mr.Fox who still wants to live in his glory of Fantastic Mr.Fox makes him the way he is as he describes I am a wild animal. His relationship with his son Ash is kind of something distant, he likes his nephew Kristofferson better but as we see towards the end he accepts the fact and believes in his son.

I love the way Mr.Fox has been described. He is cunning, he knows his limits but still pushes them, I love when he gets a little panicky when wolf is mentioned. As what is wonderful is the way they use cuss instead of real cussing. Mr.Fox has to be always the center of attention, he is one with ego but he knows to play well with others.

The farmers are shown the typical with revenge driven, and as a audience we love them to get humiliated. There is this quirkiness of Wes Anderson which we see in his films. But here it blends so perfectly.

Anderson should make more animation rather. His style is perfect in this world. I mean it is so beautiful when a child is seeing this movie. The score of this movie by my favorite Alexandre Desplat is fantastic and playful. It matches every sequence. The stop motion is a real trat to watch and it makes my eyes pop with delight.

What I also loved about the movie is that it isn't dark in a way nowadays animated movie villains are I mean nowadays there are no real villains but here the farmers can be made more evil and the duel between them and Mr.Fox would have been more ugly but it isn't like this here. It is made in the minds for the child who wants to watch it, the animals who are smart that humans and the beauty of staying together and being helpful no matter what.

Fantastic Mr.Fox really is fantastic. With voices from Clooney, Streep and the gang of Anderson including Murray, Wilson, Schwartzman and Dafoe.

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