Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

Suffering from insomnia, filling his condo with item's from IKEA, creating his near perfect closet with items he really doesn't need. Waking up at strange places. He is Jack's living and breathing flesh.

What is Fight Club? Why did it formed? Why did people join it? The people in this club are the working class people who get squashed in their consumer lives that make them loose their sanity at times. Fight Club's creation comes in from a man's abandon issues from his dad. He has lost his sense of purpose towards life, he doesn't know what he wants even a gun is pointed right in his face. But in that ring with an opponent facing, he is the king of the world. Relieving all his frustration, anger, sadness. His goes through his pain, watching this world that he started owing but in reality it owned him.

Products, things were created by humans to make life comfortable and easy. For example, I want the next iPhone released as soon as it is shown by Tim Cook. But Why? Even when someone asks me why I use iPhone and not Android, I really don't have an answer.

Fight Club shows the masculinity lost between these men, trying to claim it again. Cornelius hugs Bob, crying till he frees himself so he can sleep. There is nothing explore, nothing to fight, neither a purpose nor a war to fight. The war is now spiritual and our great depression is our lives. For Tyler there is no possibilities, he is free of everything. He is nihilistic wanting to destroy the means of society. We have living our lives numb, we are the middle children of history and the life we are living is ending one minute at a time.

Fight Club is mayhem is creation. It is your burning hand, the feeling of pain, you either choose to make it worse by adding water you can use vinegar and neutralize the burn.

I watched Fight Club in my second year of Engineering when I was discovering Cinema, it was recommended by one of my friend. I was in awe of this movie and still am, it was my most watched movie which was then preceded by Harry Potter franchise. Fight Club represents self worth of a person, experience something valuable. Within in its chaos, violence and a sense of purpose or the idea Tyler puts in. It is rejected and left to answer for its own.

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden is PHEW!!! With that body and the realistic approach to his character that is hidden beneath someone. Brad Pitt owns every frame of this movie. Ed Norton becomes more and more down with himself accepting Tyler, being jealous about him and Marla's sexual outings, hearing them aloud from each room. But Ed Norton beating the shit out of Jared Leto is Poetic Cinema on its own.

David Fincher's use of 35mm format for filming and including humor to temper the sinister element is one of the reason why Fight Club works so well even on re watches.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

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