Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★★

There is something magical about this movie, with its black and white frames, the story just feels alive in the moment. Frances's life is extraordinary within her space of friendship with Sophie. Frances always says that how she and Sophie are the same person but with different hairs.

The one thing Frances is trying is to be a grown up. The way she smiles when she gets a check in the post but yet she has to run and run to get the money from the ATM as she wants to pay for dinner. Then she makes the fuck it expression when extra 3 dollars would be deducted for the transaction.

Frances can be a little reserved in her space as she wants things to be same, but life turns way in a way where she has to start going her way in and face some new experiences and make her mark. And it starts when her best friend Sophie moves to another block with Lisa who she doesn't even like.

The magical scene of Frances running and dancing on the streets of New York is one of the most beautiful moments in Cinema itself. The music helps the story in a certain way, the upbeats and the classical strings move in with situation Frances is in.

Greta Gerwig's performance as Frances is the heart and soul of this movie as she brings every frame to life in those moments of Frances's choices. It is a way to look for happiness, Frances always found happiness with her time and days with Sophie but one day she had to leave the nest and find something of her own happiness for herself and take a risk she needed to.

I don't know if it is just me but I always feel like Sophie was not a good friend but a friend Frances needed in her pursuit. Atleast Sophie recognizes the importance of her friendship with Frances when she spirals out when she meets Frances at their alma mater.

Frances Ha is one of the best films of 21st Century, It is a poetry that paints onto a blank canvas. Greta Gerwig's writing with Noah Baumbach hits home run as Gerwig's performance becomes everything. It is magical in every way, it is surreal yet simple.

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