Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★★

One of the movie I want to watch over and over and over agin.

Harold Ramis has directed one of the most beautiful, exciting, lovely and cheerful movies of all time.

There are so many beautiful moments in the film and the transition of Phil who is living the day over and over is so excellently taken.

I liked the scenes when Phil is helping an old man who is dying every single time even when he is trying his best.

How we see first Phil is confused about what is happening, the he tries to live the day as his last and do whatever he can, looking for one night stand, making Rita fall in love with him, get depressed, killing himself, getting happy and finally making everyone else happy.

Music of this film so upbeat and exciting that I was dancing on the tunes.

Bill Murray with his every performance I have seen, This is his best. I loved him Lost in Translation so much but here in Groundhog Day he is just fantastic like a Legend. Nobody, I mean nobody could have done better than Bill Murray.

The story never losses its purpose or gets dull. It just flows in a direction that reflects itself.

This is officially one of my favorite movie of all time now.

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