Her ★★★★★

Amazing, Beautiful, Spectacular, Funny, Romantic and Extraordinary.
Spike Jonze has made a wonderful and heartfelt love story which amazes and touches you.
In a digital world which we live in an operating system is developed with artificial intelligence and which evolves. We have always seen the bad effects of the artificial intelligence machine but here something extraordinary has shown by Spike. A love story between a man and his operating system.
Theodore played by Joaquin Phoenix is lonely, confused and soulful man who writes letter to loved ones of other. Joaquin has done a spectacular job as Theodore and how he interacts with Samantha was amazing to watch. Samantha the voice of the operating system is done by Scarlett Johansson who has displayed a spectacular emotion through her voice. Amy Adams who plays Theodore's friend has done amazing job and Rooney Mara who plays Theodore's wife is also good in supporting.
The story was new and lovely. The scenes between Theodore and Samantha were taken precisely and how they fall in love and express their emotions was displayed beautifully. The writing how Samantha who is not a person with body but still she can feel Theodore and love him was written beautifully. The questions and curiosity of Samantha asking was good. The scene where Theodore sits on his sofa and plays a game and a small Robot comes and Theodore asks him for help and the little robot says fuck you was funny.
The scenes of Theodore's past with his wife were shown as they were a poem or slides of his life with dialogue you can see his life with his wife how it was attached and fell apart.
The relationship of Theodore and Amy was shown really well and without any confusion of any romance sparkle between them.
The Scene were Samantha says to Theodore I am your's and not your's was good. The last scene between Samantha and Theodore was emotional.
Spike Jonze has delivered an amazing concept by a film which makes you feel it.

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