Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★½

Ricky Backer has been switching from foster homes, he either runs away or create havoc. Finally he is been placed with Bella and her husband Hector in a remote farm.

From the time he sets foot on the farm, his first thought is to run away. Don't know where, but just run away. I can understand as he feels no one can understand him or love him. But Bella is different, she humors his running away, cooks him breakfast, shows him how to gut a pig... They both start to have a bond. Hec just keeps his distance with his occasional grunts.

But after Bella's passing, Ricky has to go back to child services. But he doesn't want to. So he fakes his death and runs away in the wilderness. But soon he gets lost only to be found by Hector and soon a journey in the wilderness starts where they both have the times of their lives with the whole country hunting them.

The movie starts with lot of care and humor. You are with the characters. Even after Bella's death you see Ricky wanting to bond with Hec, how Bella has changes him a little. Even the escapade in the wilderness, the hunting, the LOTR and Terminator quotes and the adventure that becomes a little bit gangsta.

The problem with the movie for me started with the Chapter War. It kinda looked like they want a little crazy with that one. It looked like Thelma and Louise for a while, it kinda drags a little towards the end of their chapter. It looses its cool and thats where from five stars it became 3 and half.

Taika Waititi is perfect for his new Marvel movie, which hides behind silly humor, disjointing the plot and have the ending which the mass audience wants.

Sam Neill as "Uncle" Hec and Julian Dennison as Ricky really throw themselves in the character. Julian as Ricky just steals the show with humor and dramatics. It was good to see Sam Neill again.

Hunt for Wilderpeople starts really well, it gives you everything but towards the end it just empties its petrol and starts on reserve.

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