John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum ★★★★½

One hour remaining till John Wick is officially excommunicado, he is backed into a corner. Every assassin in the world is hunting him now and what I say is the odds are even now.

John Wick Chapter 3 starts where it was left off in Chapter 2. We don't know how everything is going to unfold now that John Wick will be alone, but he isn't really. there are debts and favors owed to him, there is still one chance, one desperate chance he can move into but that means getting back to the business and that is not who John Wick is now.

The universe of John Wick is controlled by the high table, it is highly functional and organized. Still it is ran and controlled like any other organization in the world. Hidden in the shadows and dark, the figures emerge to hunt and kill. Chapter 3 might not be more astonishing that Chapter 2, still it gathers its momentum in creating the much needed conflict and desire that is needed from our hero here.

The actions choreographed are juts brilliant. I mean everytime one action sequence ended, I questioned how are they going to top this and they topped every action sequence one after another. It is so pleasurable to watch something like this on the big screen apart from Tom Crusie running, jumping and hanging onto a helicopter. The horse riding sequence, the bike chase, the samurai, the final showdown and the finale was just mind blowing.

Keanu Reeves is on a league of his own. He has this aura where you are just reeled in to enjoy hi and whatever he does. Chapter 3 is set up for another installment which seems like will all out war with the high table that controls everything. The anticipation of that beats my heart, the high octane action we will witness with both Marcus and Neo now pissed off literally...And Halle Berry was just PHEW!!!!!

It is great to see how this franchise has grew and not forgetting what it is in th soul. When the first part came, I don't know if anyone expected anything but somehow it is now a blockbuster. And to imagine it all started because Theon killed John Wick's puppy. This franchise really takes care of its dogs. If you even lay one finger on a dog, you are dead.

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