McCabe & Mrs. Miller

McCabe & Mrs. Miller ★★★★★

A cold breeze passes through, a man with his two horses stop by a little town, he mumbles to himself and enters the nearby diner. He captures everyones attention as he starts a table and dealing cards.

Soon with his charms and dominant position and the rumor that he is John McCabe who has shot some wannabe governor. He establishes a gambling and a brothel with Mrs. Miller who runs the brothel as she knows the ways around it. They soon become successful and start to have feeling for each other...And this is what I loved most about McCabe and Millers relationship is that they both just don't admit the feeling they have for each other...It is like a weakness to them, like showing they are vulnerable.

McCabe gets an offer to sell his shares of the town to a big mining company but he refuses every price they offer him. And this meeting turns into something McCabe is not ready for and soon we see what he really his. It becomes the race for survival as it every man for himself.

The beauty of this movie is that it takes a well adjusted time to set everything up and this is what I love. The slow burn that makes you enter the dimension of Cinema. The cinematography which resonates every frame and the shot of McCabe from the top of the church or the scene at the start where McCabe is bringing the girls and a man is putting the cross on the church is so beautiful and kind of dreamy.

We have Leonard Cohen's beautiful songs in the background which makes it just a whole package. And the final sequence where the whole town is trying to stop the fire in the church and we are just in this state of our hearts slowly racing between the chase between McCabe and those bounty hunters. The editing of this movie is at its best. The conversations which become part of the background itself or the use of songs and sometimes getting close to the characters.

Warren Beatty as McCabe has this presence to his character who is very at times difficult to read and analyze. Over the time we get to see what he is and I think Beatty's performance here was sublime.

Julie Christie as Mrs.Miller is just a dream...She is the beauty the big screen deserves and the film roll that shots her.

This was my first Robert Altman and I got to say I am in love with his filmmaking process and how he displays the story.

McCabe and Mrs.Miller is beauty, it takes you back into time and flawlessly just becomes one of the best films you will ever see in your life.

I Gotta order the Criterion of this one now.

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