Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder ★★★★★

Tobe Hooper #16

Detective Park Doo-Man: Did you see his face?
[Girl Nods]
Detective Park Doo-Man: What did he look like?
Schoolgirl: Well... kind of plain.
Detective Park Doo-Man: In what way?
Schoolgirl: Just... ordinary

Based on a true story.

I still know when I watched Zodiac. I was so into that movie, sometimes I felt that why does the universe wants such a brutal and heartless human being free?

Memories of Murder is like a 70's or 80's crime movies the only difference is that the ending.

Set in the militant era. Somebody is killing and raping girls in a pattern. One detective who relies on his instinct and other relies on the science of evidence. And on the trail of the killer.

It is very complex to direct a movie like this, because you have to build up a barrier that keeps the scenes going, even though there is nothing you are achieving.

Also how the investigation was working. Everytime someone is caught the detectives are trying to frame the guy who is there. Because it was the pressure and the frustration of not catching the killer.

The movie is a engaging true story that tells us a truth. That sometimes a memory keeps up to you till it is resolved.

Simply Great.

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