Murmur of the Heart ★★★★★

Laurent walks through the streets with his friends collecting funds for Red cross, he steals the new Charlie Parker album from the store while talking about his love for Jazz. Laurent lives a comfortable and privileged life. He has two brother who tease him time to time, father who is a gynecologist who he has a distant relationship with also says that they have mutual unloving relationship and his affectionate mother Clara who he loves very much.

Directed by Louis Malle who puts his own experiences in the story while creating the fictional aspects through Lauren't time. The story focuses on the love between Laurent and his mother Clara which integrates the taboo nature of it that reflects through the seduction and love.

Laurent is charged with his thoughts, he is thrown into his first sexual experience by his brothers to a prostitute, they even disrupt him mid way. One thing about the story is how Malle interprets the true nature of it. The sudden anger that reflects in the behavior, the signs of jealousy that runs through Laurent but for his mother with whom he has long conversations about her affair and love.

It is coming of age movie that churns into its charm and delicacy. Lea Massari as Clara and Benoît Ferreux as Laurent give such emotional and beautiful performances that murmur you through.

Malle shows the world of the higher middle class and the boys are spoiled into their own reflections. Lauren't experiences of sex, love and everything concludes through the spoiled experiences of his brothers. There are moments in the movie on how the younger generation reacts to the politics as Laurent's brother says that he doesn't care for it when asked while one his friends pours into the concept of colonialism while criticizing the army.

Murmur of the Heart is something that hits close to reality and experiences drawn from the filmmakers own life and his experiences. The life is privileged and in comfort but yet the journey is still a journey that references to the future.